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kiwi_honey ([personal profile] kiwi_honey) wrote2009-11-02 06:48 pm


I saw my regular GP today who, thanks to a discussion from my uncle-in-law Dr Keith Small, has finally taken me seriously.

I'm being referred to yet another orthopaedic surgeon, Martin Hunn. We shall see how that goes. I can't get in to see him until mid-December but *shrug* such is the life of a nobody in the big world of somebodies.

Tomorrow I am off to see the neurologist. I may, or may not, get the nerve conduction studies necessary at that point. His office admin person is very sweet but seems a few clowns short of a circus. It's been 6 months of struggle with her just to get this appointment.

I'm depressed. I feel a failure as a person, a friend, a worker, a wife, a daughter, a SCAdian volunteer x2, an 'auntie', a student, and in every other way. Damnit. I HATE feeling this way.